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40 Still, there is room, and even a great need, for a comprehensive study of the place of angelology in the self-conception of the Qurman sect throughout its literature, and this attempt at that task will also revisit the way in which the possibility of mystical experience in the religion of Qumran should be conceived and understood. In brief, these are the conclusions that this chapter will reach: 39 First of all, the mystical paradigms of early Dimant, 1996, pp. 93-103. 40 Gerehom Schol. ,. laudic rradieion, (Mew York: 1960) p.

Article73 as an Wolfson's uses his response to Nitzan's occasion definition of mysticism. to present his own specialized In the first place, Wolfson argues that the "celestial approach" described by Nitzan should be excluded from the province of mysticism outright, inasmuch as it is not about proximity or union but about distance and insurmountable difference. 168. 71 N~tzan, p. 7 In the second place, Wolfson goes 182. a N~tzan, pp. 182-183; Cf. 4Q400, 2, 6-7. 73 Wo1faon, •Myat~c~811l and the Poet~c-L~turg~ca1 compo•~t~ona from Qumran.

Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. 42 Chapter One UGBLXC IIUIIUXTY AT QUIIRD the BVi4eDce of the Dea4 sea scrolls BeyoD4 the Songs oL tile Sabbatb SacriLice Introduction The sectarian community that inhabited the site now known as Khirbet Qumran from shortly after the Hasmonean uprising until shortly before the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple seems to have been (or, at least, to have become) a society founded upon the idea that certain human beings might realize somethinq like angelic identity in their earthly lives.

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