Andreia by ROSEM, R. M & SLUITER, I. (eds.) PDF

By ROSEM, R. M & SLUITER, I. (eds.)

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Also, Benveniste 1973, 273–88 on philos, with examples from Homer. ROSEN/F3/25-58 10/1/02 2:11 PM Page 31        31 l’adjectif philetairos . . 18 Given the singularity of philetairos in Thucydides’ narrative—and its rare appearance elsewhere in fifth-century texts—the argument that andreia philetairos retained its usual meaning is problematic at best, even if we break the phrase down into its constituent parts. And given the likely negative connotation of the adjective, how is it possible to read andreia as a positive attribute?

Thucydides is clearly concerned with the linguistic expression of what men thought and the actions that followed from this. Cf. Allison 1997, 171: “It is imperative to reiterate that the object of attention in 10 ROSEN/F3/25-58 10/1/02 2:11 PM Page 29        29 the practice of referring to activities by uncustomary words and phrases—the general rubric under which all the examples fall—is itself a linguistic phenomenon. According to Thucydides, the equiv­ alent relationship between words and their referents (including other words) is conventional and therefore subject to change by virtue of the temporal and situational context in which they are used.

E. between the beginning and middle of the fifth century. 46 The OED gives the first meaning of ‘wight’ as “strong and courageous, esp. in warfare”. Cf. the noun ‘wight’ meaning “a living being in general; a creature;” also “man”. ROSEN/F3/25-58 10/1/02 2:11 PM Page 41        41 These are the sorts of things that everyone will say, so that our fame will not leave us while we live or after we are dead. t¤w gãr potÉ ést«n µ j°nvn ≤mçw fid∆n to›oisdÉ §pa¤noiw oÈx‹ deji≈setai, ‡desye t≈de t∆ kasignÆtv, f¤loi, Õ tÚn patr“on o‰kon §jesvsãthn, Õ to›sin §xyro›w eÔ bebhkÒsin pot¢ cux∞w éfeidÆsante proustÆthn fÒnou.

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