American Civil War Artillery 1861-65: Heavy Artillery by Philip Katcher PDF

By Philip Katcher

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End result of the size of the beach of the U.S., from the start American ordnance and engineers positioned an emphasis on heavy artillery fastened in coastal defences. The Union military organised its 'Heavy Artillery' into separate regiments, uniformed and built otherwise. whereas the sphere Artillery used to be assigned around the scuffling with fronts Heavy Artillery devices served the large weapons within the forts and the defences of Washington. The Confederates didn't differentiate kinds of artillery and people who grew to become often called Heavy Artillery did so via casual organization instead of formal designation. This e-book information the improvement and utilization of the large weapons. New forefront 38 and forty also are to be had in one quantity distinctive variation as ‘American Civil conflict Artillery 1861-65’.

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Hie weapons platoon had two sections, one of which was armed with two Ml 919A4 machine guns. The other section had three 60-mm mortars. This made up the organic fire support of the infantry company, giving a company commander the means to closely support his three rifle platoons. National Archives (with tripod) M1919A4. The Ordnance Department knew that there was no time to develop a new light machine gun from the ground up. So a decision was made to modify the existing M1919A4 design to serve that role.

The barrel was mounted on the M3 (later the M3A1) carriage. These carriages were beefed-up versions of the M8 carriage used for the 75-mm howitzer M l A l . National Archives A successful 105-mm howitzer was finally developed in 1934 by the Ordnance Department and was given the designation M2. Fourteen M2 prototypes were tested between 1928 and 1933. In 1939, the Ordnance Department ordered 48 slightly modified M2A1 105-mm howitzers. Despite the clear superiority of the M2A1 over the obsolete French 75, the a r m y ' s senior leadership still wanted to modernize the older French gun.

50-caliber machine gun that could be fired from a tripod and still light enough to be carried into combat by ground troops if the need arose. 50-caliber machine gun that could serve such diverse purp o s e s . 50-caliber M2 Heavy Barrel (HB) Machine Gun, mounted on the rear of a jeep, at an imaginary aerial target. Air-cooling of the weapon's barrel was permitted through maximum exposure to the air of the barrel and receiver. Perforations in the barrel support allowed air to circulate around the breech end of the barrel and help to cool the parts.

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