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Download PDF by Marion A. Kaplan: Jewish Daily Life in Germany, 1618-1945

From the 17th century till the Holocaust, Germany's Jews lurched among development and setback, among fortune and poor misfortune. German society refrained from Jews within the eighteenth century and opened inconsistently to them within the 19th and early 20th centuries, in basic terms to show murderous within the Nazi period.

Download PDF by Joshua Trachtenberg: The Devil and the Jews: The Medieval Conception of the Jew

A JPS bestseller, this is often the definitive paintings of scholarship at the medieval belief of the Jew as devil—literally and figuratively. via files, research, and illustrations, the publication exposes the total spectrum of the Jew’s demonization as satan, sorcerer, and formality assassin. the writer unearths how those myths, many with origins traced to Christian Europe within the overdue center a while, nonetheless exist in transmuted shape within the glossy period.

Jewish Public Culture in the Late Russian Empire - download pdf or read online

In the middle of the violent, innovative turmoil that followed the decade of tsarist rule within the Russian Empire, many Jews got here to reject what they considered as the apocalyptic and utopian prophecies of political dreamers and non secular enthusiasts, who prefer in its place to target the merchandising of cultural improvement within the current.

Farming the Red Land: Jewish Agricultural Colonization and by Jonathan L. Dekel-Chen PDF

This is often the 1st historical past of the Jewish agricultural colonies that have been demonstrated in Crimea and Southern Ukraine in 1924 and that, fewer than two decades later, resulted in tragedy. Jonathan Dekel-Chen opens a rare window on Soviet rural existence in the course of those turbulent years, and he records the striking family that built one of the American-Jewish sponsors of the bold venture, the Soviet professionals, and the colonists themselves.

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3. Ravitzky,"SamuelibnTibbon,"pp. 88. Theinfluenceof ibnTibbonon thirteenth-century Europeanand Italianphilosophicalexegesis is discussedextensivelythroughoutRavitzky's dissertation. 4. Ibn Tibbonechoes the thoughtsof previousJewishphilosophers,includingMaimonides,in believingthatphilosophy was an esoteric traditionoriginatingwith the Jews. IbnTibbonsaw Maimonides'Guideas SAMUELIBNTIBBONONTHEBOOKOFJOB 265 Yet, despite the recognitionthat Ravitzky'swork has broughtto ibn Tibbon,relativelylittle work has been done on him.

It is a metaphorfor the unitingof the differentsefirottogether. Let me brieflysketchout the theoryunderlyingR. In R. Bahya'stheoryof digestion,the spiritand body are inseparablyentwined. "It couldsayjust"Mybread," of [offeringby]fire";to Myfireyougiveit. Thisis becauseof theconnection the soulto its attributes. " public R. "5 the Hebrewverbfor "eating,",,,. fromthe verbfor "finishing,destroying," Inotherwords,he suggeststhat (whichI translatehereas "toannihilate"). ,,r,5. transformssomethinginto nothing,or perhapssomehow"completes" eating it.

6'The explanationof this amongthe enlightenedis that when we set aside a soul for a soul, this is nothingotherthanthe mobilesoul thatwe annihilate[me-kalim]for the intellectualsoul. 62 The eating of the talmid hakham is more God-like because it parallels the God's "annihilation"of animals both in the Flood and, as we shall see, in the animal sacrifices. That enables him to "cook" denser, meatier food/soul substances into refined, intellectual/spiritual"soul"--real 60. Pesah49b. 61. Pesah49b. 62.

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