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By Ernest W. Flick

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This publication provides greater than 800 complex cleansing product formulations for loved ones, commercial, and automobile functions. All formulations are totally different from these in different volumes. If you must buy the entir

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0 35. 0 1-4 Enzyme Prespotter f o r Oilv/Smuttv Soils Component: Water Propyl ene G1 ycol Dodecyl benzenesul foni c Acid TEA-85 Burco TME Nonionic Surfactant* Burcotase LL-100 *An HLB of 9 . 5 - 1 0 . 0 preferred. o i s preferred. Alcohol ethoxylates are Add components in the order listed. Blend until uniform between each addition. Cool before adding the enzyme. SOURCE: Burlington Chemical G o . , Inc. : Suggested Formulations Dairy,Food and General Industrial Cleaners S a n i t i z i n s Cleaner (Phosphate, Powder) S o i l - H o s p i t a l s o i l : sebum, b l o o d , u r i n e , e t c .

Add c o l o r a n d f r a g r a n c e , a s d e s i r e d . 32 C a r b o n a t e ( a s Na2C03): 3 . OO Amine O x i d e : 3 . 0 0 SOURCE: BFGoodrich S p e c i a l t y Chemicals: DET-350 2. 00 Procedure: 1 . Dry b l e n d t h e Van Gel €3 and Rhodopol 2 3 and add them t o t h e w a t e r w h i l e m i x i n g w i t h a p r o p e l l e r s t i r r e r a t 1800 rpm. C o n t i n u e m i x i n g f o r 60 m i n u t e s . 2 . Reduce t h e s t i r r e r speed t o produce a s l i g h t v o r t e x and s l o w l y add t h e o x a l i c a c i d s o l u t i o n .

M i x t h e s l u r r y f o r a p p r o x i m a t e l y 15 m i n u t e s o r u n t i l t h e s l u r r y i s homogeneous. 2 . Add t h e d-limonene w i t h good a g i t a t i o n and mix u n t i l homogeneous. 3 . Reduce a g i t a t i o n and add t h e g l y c o l e t h e r , s u l f o n i c a c i d , and alcohol ethoxyl ate. 4 . Add t h e i s o p r o p a n o l 5 . Add t h e sodium h y d r o x i d e u n t i l t h e t a r g e t pH r a n g e i s reached. 6 . Add c o l o r , as d e s i r e d . T o t a l Actives: d-limonene: Propylene g l y c o l methyl e t h e r : Sodium a1 k y l b e n z e n e s u l f o n a t e : Psopropanol : C12-13 l i n e a r a l c o h o l , 6 .

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