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By Allan Waters (auth.)

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TA741 but features externally selected frequency compensation through the choice of a single capacitor. Dual and quad op-amps have been introduced to reduce cost and space; in particular, the quad op-amp has found particular favour with filter designers. tA 741 monolithic amplifier. 2 where Ri, R 0 are the input and output impedances and A is the open-loop gain of the op-amp. 27 28 Active Filter Design OFFSET 1 NULL 8 NC INV INPUT2 7V- NONINV 3 INPUT 60UTPUT v+4 5 oFFSET NULL ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Vs =±15 V, TA =25°C unless otherwise specified) Parameters Input offset voltage Input offset current Input bias current Input resistance Input capacitance Offset voltage adjustment range Input voltage range Common mode rejection ratio Supply voltage rejection ratio Large signal voltage rain Output voltage swing Output resistance Output short-circuit current Supply current Power consumption Transient response (unity gain) Risetime Overshoot Slew rate Conditions Min.

It is interesting to note that those of the Butterworth polynomial lie on a circle. Furthermore, it should be noted that the Chebyshev poles depend on the ripple factor e, and tables are constructed for various values of ripple width. 3. It may further be shown for the special case when w = We, that is for e = 1, the Chebyshev response has a slope which is n times that of the Butterworth response. 6, we may conclude that the choice of response type will be governed by: high attenuation in the stop band and sharper roll-off in the vicinity of the cut-off frequency as opposed to a non-linear phase characteristic in the stop band.

6. For a given op-amp, the gain-bandwidth product is a constant value. This means that if a large open-loop gain is required then the working bandwidth will be narrow. Conversely, if the open-loop gain requirement is to be low then a much wider bandwidth will be obtained. For example: A 0 = 105 , Wa = 21T X 10 GB = 21T X 106 3 . For A 0 = 10 , bandwtdth = 21T 21T . 4 where a different view of the bandwidth of an inverting circuit is proposed. 6 Response of non-ideal op-amp We see that the gain is 100 dB down when the frequency is equal to the gainbandwidth product.

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