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The 5th quantity of Acta Numerica presents "state of the paintings" research and strategies in numerical arithmetic and medical computing. This assortment encompasses a number of vital facets of numerical research, together with eigenvalue optimization; conception, algorithms and alertness of point set tools for propagating interfaces; hierarchical bases and the finite aspect procedure. it will likely be a necessary source for researchers during this vital box.

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It has an interesting history and has received considerable attention in recent years. For surveys, see Monegato (1982), Gautschi (1988) and Notaris (1994). (4) Consider s > 1 different measures dXa, a = 1,2,... 1) with a common set of nodes {TU} but individual weights { A ^ a } , a = 1,2,... ,s. Assume n = ms to be an integer multiple of s. Find s such quadrature rules, each having degree of exactness n—l+m. ,s. 8) un(t)p{t) d\a(t) = 0, a l l p G P m ­ i , JR One obtains the shared-nodes quadrature rules recently introduced by Borges (1994) in connection with computer graphics illumination models, where the models dACT are colour matching functions.

Let J\fj, 1 < j < k — 1 be defined by Mj = Vj+i © Vj+2 0 .  0 Vfc with Mk = 0­ Then we have the decompositions Mk = Mj © Mj for 1 < j < k. Before proceeding to the Cauchy inequalities, we need a preliminary tech­ nical result. Lemma 6 Let t £ S, where S is defined as in Section 3. Let T' be a shape regular triangulation of t, whose elements have a minimum diameter of h. Let M! be the space of continuous piecewise linear polynomials associated with T. ^. 1) Proof. Here we will only sketch a proof, following ideas in Bank and Scott (1989), but see Yserentant (1986) for a more detailed, but also more ele­ mentary proof.

N (where to = —00, tjv+i = +00), and has a positive jump Wi = A(t»+O) — A(t; —0) at U, i = 1, 2 , . . , N, or d\(t) = w(t)dt is an absolutely continuous measure, where w > 0 is integrable on R and J^w(t)dt > 0, or a combination of both. Then for suitable functions / , j Wif(ti), dA discrete, , . , , f(t)w(t)dt, d A absolutely continuous, where supp( dA) denotes the support of dA, typically an interval or a union of disjoint intervals. 48 W. 2) where P^ is the set of polynomials of degree < d.

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