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By Shay Welch (auth.)

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This booklet bargains a liberatory notion of person freedom that uniquely responds to the issues of social oppression and calls for of the interrelatedness insofar because it pertains in particular to the social area of activity.

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Scholarly makes an attempt to give an explanation for the improvement of liberal individualism over the process sleek historical past have tended to target key rules and doctrines. As a correction, this ebook indicates that as capitalism the theories, doctrines and ethical precepts comprising liberal individualism switch and evolve, whereas its important social functionality is preserved.

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In this chapter, I explore the notion of social freedom and explain how interpersonal interactions, specifically those that occur within societies grounded in and founded on systemic oppression, shape and influence people’s freedom. In section 1, I explain the unique sense of “social” as sociality and define the notion of social freedom. In doing so, I identify which activities constitute the social sphere as it relates to questions of social freedom. This differentiation of the social sphere as one of sociality marks the domain of social freedom.

They remain so bound because individuals must uphold a certain standard of interaction with others when pursuing interests publicly. The private sphere is where individual preferences, desires, and relationships are protected from public interference or critique. These aspects are matters of the Good, which shape who the individual is and/or wants to be and, accordingly, her life path. The civil sphere is a unique space where the public and private spheres meet. There are fewer restrictions on actions within the civil sphere than in the public sphere but more restrictions than in the private sphere.

Men are as different from women as women are from men, but the relations between men and women are socially unequal and afford men social privilege. MacKinnon asserts that the difference approach “adopts the point of view of male supremacy” (MacKinnon 1987, 43). Instead, MacKinnon proposes the dominance approach, which defines gender in terms of power: male domination and female subordination. Women are systematically subjugated and occupy a 30 A THEORY OF FREEDOM clear position of inferiority since the types of harms that they suffer are not suffered by men, except for instances in which men wish to feminize other men.

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