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Qxd 40 5/21/04 2:35 PM Page 40 A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHIATRY practitioners act as gatekeepers to health care, such as Holland and Denmark. However other routes also exist, for example via the accident and emergency department, or a police referral in the event of a psychiatric emergency or a person being found behaving strangely in the street. In many other countries of the world the general population does have direct access to specialists. This has been the most common pattern in the United States, but is also the case in European countries such as France and Germany.

Psychiatrists in these countries work both in private practice and in the hospital system. Many psychiatrists in the UK also do some private practice and have admitting rights to private psychiatric hospitals such as those of the Priory Hospital group. Access to specialists, however, is still usually via the general practitioner. Where psychiatrists work as private practitioners, there has generally been less control over their activities by the state in terms of public mental health policy. However, with the rise in favour in the United States of the system known as ‘managed care’, those who purchase care on behalf of their employees and the insurance companies who manage this care increasingly dictate how psychiatrists spend their time.

And yet for the patient, for fellow mental health professionals, and in the eyes of the general public there are extraordinary differences between someone who cares for the mind and one who can understand and repair the body. Indeed, among psychiatrists there are splits and disagreements between those who want to draw the profession closer to medicine and those who want to weaken the link. By the time a young doctor enters psychiatric training, he or she will have spent at least five years at medical school, one year in hospital as a junior house officer in medicine and surgery, and possibly further years training, for example, as a general practitioner.

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