A Mind of One's Own: A Kleinian View of Self and Object (New by Robert A. Caper PDF

By Robert A. Caper

ISBN-10: 0203013859

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ISBN-13: 9780415199117

This number of papers, written over the past six years via Robert Caper, specializes in the significance of distinguishing self from item in mental development.

Robert Caper demonstrates the significance this mental disentanglement performs within the healing impression of psychoanalysis.

In doing so he demonstrates what differentiates the perform of psychoanalysis from psychotherapy; whereas psychotherapy goals to ease the sufferer in the direction of "good psychological future health" via cautious advice; psychoanalysis permits the sufferer to find him/herself, with the self utterly extraordinary from people and different objects.

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She accused MUTATIVE INTERPRETATION 35 him of teasing her and of greedily manipulating her into having four sessions, a move that would mean she ‘wouldn’t be able to buy anything for herself’ for many years. The analyst began to feel depressed and guilty, as though, he later said, he agreed with the patient that he had seduced the patient into a dangerous and destructive addiction, out of his own greed. He forgot completely that all he had done was point out to her that she felt that the fourth session was valuable.

So powerful was the impact of the patient’s projection into the analyst that, even when he realized this, he remained partly in the grip of the feeling that making such an interpretation would only have been a clever attempt to greedily manipulate her into retaining a worthless fourth session, and would certainly have jeopardized his good relationship with the patient. In both of these examples, the analyst’s ability to observe and comment on the here and now of the analytic relationship was interfered with by guilt.

All of this strongly suggests that the giving of a mutative interpretation is a crucial act for the analyst as well as for the patient, and that he is exposing himself to some great danger in doing so. (Strachey 1934 [1969], pp. 290–1) The danger Strachey describes here is not, of course, simply due to the fact that the patient may resist the interpretation. This is a sign that the interpretation feels dangerous to the patient, whereas the problem here is that the analyst also feels endangered by it.

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