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By M.A. & Vergara, B.S. Arraudeau

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37 Good seedlings have more roots that are longer and heavier • 38 Heavy seedlings become stronger plants as they grow older. How to grow good seedlings Good seed distribution and germination Good land preparation 42 Uniform size of soil particles 43 Early and good weeding 44 41 Good seed distribution and germination • • Irregular spacing between seedlings results from poor seed distribution and germination. Good seedlings result from uniform distribution of seeds in the field. 41 Good land preparation • • 42 Good land preparation is important for early growth of upland rice.

B. Intermediate type, Leaves have medium length and are semi-erect. C. Aus type. Leaves are long, narrow, and semi-erect. D. Modern type. Leaves are relatively short and erect. Leaves of the main stem • • • The coleoptile comes out of the seed first. It is followed by the primary leaf, then the secondary leaf with the first expanded leaf blade, then the other leaves. The last leaf is called the flag leaf. Most upland traditional rices have long, broad, and droopy leaves. 49 Leaf production • • • 50 Rice leaves on the main stem are produced one at a time.

Weeds are the most important constraint to vigorous seedlings. Weak, pale, or missing seedlings result from weed competition. Leaves The rice leaf 47 Leaf variations in upland rices 48 Leaves of the main stem 49 Leaf production 50 Effect of drought on leaves 51 The rice leaf • The rice plant is a grass. • A rice leaf, like all grasses, has parallel veins. • Other grass leaves have a collar but may have only a ligule or • an auricle or neither. A rice leaf has both a ligule and two auricles. 47 Leaf variations in upland rices • • • • 48 A.

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